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Over the years we have learned a lot about brand design and marketing for small businesses. We’ve summarised some of the more important points here. If there’s  anything else you'd like to ask get in touch and we’ll get back to you with our thoughts. Who knows, one day your question may even appear on this page!

How do I get a better position on Google Search results in 2024?

Get best position on Google Search

How do you get your site to show up on Google? There’s always GoogleAds, but there are other ways to improve your ‘organic’ search position that should also be considered.

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A Blog? What would I write about?


All my time is taken up with the day-to-day running of my business. Why would I want to find the time to write a blog? What sort of stuff would I write? And anyway, would anybody even be interested?

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AI Speaks for Itself

The Creation of Digital Adam

Since the advent of OpenAI late last year, there's been a lot of talk about the use of Artifical Intelligence to create marketing material. So we decided to put it to the test. Can AI really cut the mustard when it comes to creating impactful and relevant online content? You be the judge...

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Are Websites still relevant these days?

Are websites still relevant these days?

Has the website had its day? Do people even look at business websites anymore? We believe that your website still has a very important place in your online marketing efforts.

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Ten Questions You Should Always Ask Your Web Designer.

10 questions to ask your web designer

How do you start a conversation about a new website? Here are 10 questions you should ask when talking with a web designer.

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