Superseed Crackers

We've worked with Creative Cooking, the makers of Superseed Crackers, since the very beginning. From the original logo that built on the 'artisan' nature of the macarons and French pastries that Creative Cooking produced to the new and exciting range of Superseed Crackers and Superseed Salad Toppers,  we've designed and produced all kinds of marketing collateral to support their business. This includes the design and production of the Superseed Crackers packaging.

Mike has done all our design since the very beginning. From logos & business cards to our label design, Mike has always done a brilliant job, with style and a keen eye for detail. He has been ever patient with our evolving ideas to eventually come up with the final product we are delighted with.

“I highly recommend Mike as a consummate professional for all his design work.”

Nikki, Superseed Crackers